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Societa Caruso

Societa Caruso

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At the Società Caruso our goal is to disseminate the Italian culture to the Greater Sudbury community. When we are exposed to a new culture, we are also learning a whole new culture – another way of thinking, seeing, and being in the world. It is our goal for you to learn about Italy and Italians in Sudbury in our very welcoming building. Benvenuti!!

The Società is home to two banquet halls in which a wide variety of events are held. The Enrico Restaurant is also open every day for lunch and dinner with a delicious array of Italian cuisine. If you don’t feel like cooking, take advantage of our take out counter that offers a complete menu of Italian foods.

The Società is also home to the Bressani Library which houses a collection of volumes that cover Italian literature, cuisine, music, travel and many other aspects of Italian culture. The library also houses a huge collection of costumes that the Ladies’ Auxiliary has created over the years. Only members of the Società are able to borrow books, but anyone is invited to visit the library and consult its contents on site.

The Società also houses the Sudbury Italian Millennium Project which was created in 2000. The Project was created to celebrate the Italian presence in the City of Greater Sudbury. The Project is comprised of 600 photos delineating the arrival of Italians to the Sudbury area and the development of the community over time.

The Società Caruso Board of Directors is made up of twelve members who all have distinct responsibilities. There are eight sub-committees: Culture & Education, Entertainment, Membership, Property, Publicity and Public Relations, Sports, Students and Youth and Welfare. Each sub-committee has a Chairperson who meets on a monthly basis with their committee. The First Vice President is responsible for Culture & Education, Entertainment, Publicity and Public Relations and Students and Youth. It is also the First Vice President’s task to organize the annual Volunteer Appreciation Night. The Second Vice President is responsible for Membership, Property, Sports and Welfare. The Second Vice President is also responsible for updating the Constitution, when it is necessary. The President and Treasurer are directly elected by the membership at large. The other ten positions are decided at the first meeting immediately following an election.

Culture & Education is responsible for the Società’s two choirs: the Coro Caruso and the Caruso Youth Choir. It also takes care of the maintenance of the Millennium Project and the Bressani Library. This sub-committee also vets the applications for the Società Caruso Annual Scholarships which are distributed every year at the Anniversary Banquet in November.

The Entertainment committee takes care of the majority of the social events that take place at the Società. The largest event is the Annual Italian Festival which takes place every year during the second weekend in July. This committee also organizes the annual Italian picnic in conjuction with the Associazione Regionale Marchigiana, The Associazione Veneta, the Calabria Social Club, and the Fogolâr Furlan Club of Sudbury. The Entertainment committee also organizes the Caruso Annual Children’s Christmas Party.

The main goal of the Membership committee is to take care of all the needs of members and soliciting new ones. This committee is also responsible for organizing the Membership Banquet in March, the Anniversary Banquet in November and the New Year’s Eve parties. The Membership committee also takes care of the selection process for the Joe Fabbro Volunteer of the Year Award, which is presented to a deserving member every year at the Anniversary Banquet. The Chair of the committee is also responsible for acknowledging the 25-year Life members at the Membership Banquet and the 50-year members at the Anniversary Banquet.

The Property committee oversees all the large capital projects that the Board decides to undertake. In the recent past, this committee has overseen the renovation to the kitchen, the installation of the sprinkler system, the renovation of the Sala da Vinci, the roof in the bocce courts, and the complete renovation of the bar in the Enrico Restaurant and Members’ Lounge. At the moment it is busy with the resurfacing of the parking lot.

The Publicity & Public Relations committee is responsible for the production of the Società Caruso’s bulletin. This is an enormous task which includes the collection of inserts to be published, writing lead stories, editing all inserts which are submitted, translating all submissions, layout of the bulletin and maintaining a current mailing list of the Caruso membership. The committee also helps publicize all events that the Società is organizing.

The Sports committee is responsible for all the sporting events that take place both at the Società and at other venues in the city. These events include various bocce tournaments (mixed, contractor’s & businessmen, 48, family), the Società Spaghetti Open golf tournament, an annual curling tournaments (men’s and mixed), and soccer tournaments. This committee also collaborates with the Entertainment committee with respect to sporting events that take place during the Annual Italian Festival.

The Students & Youth committee has the task of organizing events that would attract younger members to the Società. In the recent past this group has organized foosball tournaments and had held dinners followed by karaoke. This committee also collaborates with the Entertainment committee with respect to youth-related events that take place during the Annual Italian Festival.

The Welfare committee is responsible for organizing an honour guard at the wake and funeral masses for deceased members. Mass cards are also sent to the families of deceased members. This group also sends get well cards to members who are ill.

All members of the Società Caruso Board of Directors are volunteers who serve a term of two years. Come and join us. We welcome any new ideas and constructive criticism.

Diana Colilli

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